01 December 2006

Ignatieff's Convention Speech

Ignatieff's speech was slow and deliberate. On a scale of Bob to Gerard, he rates a "good".

...His presentation is quite frankly wooden. Especially with the Queen wave, the one she gives from the back of horse drawn carriages - you know the one I mean.

..His video was unbelievably long, which seems an odd choice since each candidate has a fixed amount of time. It seems a tacit admission that he would rather have his video play than talk to the delegates directly.

...He made some great attacks on Stephen Harper. It's an easy target, but he still did a good job. He spoke about winning seats in Alberta, but didn't tell us how he would do it; I prefer Gerard's reference to "west of Kenora."

...He had some good call-and-answer audience work, with his references to being "ensemble" and the idea that the world should look to Canada. Apart from that I was surprised that his supporters were not vocal, given the sheer numbers.

...He suggested that foreign policy is as important as what we do in Canada. I love foreign policy as much as the next guy, but in the great scheme of government, the foreign minister is only one of many. I think it figures too highly in the academic's mind.

...He got cut-off by the orchestra at the end, a la the Oscars. Maybe he should have cut a few minutes out of his video.

All in all he was not inspiring, but he did not say anything stupid and he did not come off as colossally arrogant, so I think he did what he had to do.


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