01 December 2006

Breakfast at Kennedy's

Just came from Gerard's breakfast rally. There were so many people the hotel staff couldn't keep the coffee urns full.

Gerard gave a rousing speech, proclaiming that Canadians want a party and a leadership that actively seeks their input and support every day, not just every few years at election time. But even more impressive than the candidate was the crowd, a crowd full of people from every region and all walks of life who are positive about their ability to make this change happen. We live in a democracy, and true power comes from the people not the leadership. The energy in the room was palpable, and anyone who was there will know that this is a campaign of winners who, like Gerard himself, are ready to roll up heir sleeves and get things done. Working together there is nothing we cannot accomplish.


Anonymous Staying in the Hyatt said...

Mmm - those danisheswere good. Also the wonderful Abba music!

December 01, 2006  
Blogger Arshia said...

GK has momentum. Any idea about the order of speeches tonight?

December 01, 2006  
Blogger Gavin Magrath said...

The Danish *were* good!

Arishia, the speeches are in reverse order of DSM standings, so Martha will kick it off at 4:45PM (I think) and Iggy will finish up lord-knows-when.

December 01, 2006  
Anonymous Hannah said...

Exams went very well..I'll be on the floor pretty soon..wanna go for a cup at timmies?
(514) 816-0430

December 01, 2006  
Blogger scott said...

Not that he will win, but for what it is worth, Ignatieff will deliver a stirring speech this evening.

Remember, he is the only one [amongst the candidates] who has delivered a convention style speech in front of a national Liberal crowd, especially one as intense as this.

December 01, 2006  
Blogger Gavin said...

No doubt, Iggy is a good speaker. But GK was the frontrunner at the Ontario convention that wound up electing McGuinty; he certainly knows how to give a speech, and I'm not sure that a 'national audience is intrinsically different from a big Ontario audience (which would of course feature francophones as well as folks of every other possible colour and creed).

December 01, 2006  

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