01 December 2006

Kennedy Delegates Reach Out

I spent the last hour with several hundred Kennedy delegates cheering and waving placards here at the Palais - a flash mob in support of Gerard. I was once a professional shouter of sorts, and the fact that people could keep up with me in shouting for an hour is testimony to the energy and confidence of our delegation.

There was an amazing moment when Martha's delegation was riding down the escalators and chanting, and we all joined in to cheer for her. Her delegation enthusiastically joined us when they arrived in the lobby, and our "We want Martha!' quickly became "Martha! Kennedy! Martha! Kennedy!" That was just awesome, and I hope a predictor of things to come.

I know I can speak for pretty much all 5000 people here when I say that I have a lot of respect for Martha and i think her opinion and endorsement will carry a lot of weight, and I hope she believes (as I do) that Kennedy is the candidate who talks the talk and will walk the walk on making meaningful strides in increasing women's participation in the party, particularly at the highest levels.

It also serves as a reminder that Gerard is by far the best positioned among the front-runners to reach out to all liberals and act as a genuine unifying force as leader of our party and Prime Minister of Canada.


Blogger nbpolitico said...

Martha is first in our hearts, too bad but she'll be a tremendous asset going forward.

I am sorry I missed this, would have been fun.

December 01, 2006  

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