29 November 2006

Day 1 Convention Highlights

o A great speech by Shawn Graham, new Premier of New Brunswick. Here's a guy that took over the Libs there after a drubbing, fought like a cornered tiger, hung in through a loss to Bernard Lord by the thinnest of margins, and stood to fight another day. I also couldn't help but notice that his french was, well, schoolboyish, but he won a majority in the only officially bilingual province int he country, including a majority of the francophone ridings. Turns out that French-speakers actually want good leadership, not just any old turkey who happens to be bilingual. I have no doubt that Gerard Kennedy's french is just as good, and his ability to win the support of francophones is even better.

o A really heartfelt standing ovation for Bill Graham. The footage of him in the retrospective video reminded me of Pierre Trudeau and made me wonder how come he had never been the real leader, rather than interim leader. He is a great man, and I think a man of integrity - we could not have done better.

o A solid performance by Howard Dean. He talked friendship and brotherhood, and he talked election turkey, but best of all, he talked FRENCH. And then laughed at Fox news, who was here in Montreal to cover his speech, and who almost certainly had no idea what he was saying or what they were supposed to do about it. Classic.

Now it's off to the bloggers hospitality suite at the hotel Place D'armes, and then on to hang with the GK peeps at 3 Brasseurs (105 Rue St. Paul). See you tomorrow, nation!


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