29 November 2006

Breaking News - Sgro's Dozen for MHF!

The power of undeclared delegates is only just beginning to make itself known. Not only does it put the kybosh on many bloggers' attempts to predict why the second round will go to their candidate (you know who you are), but tonight we learned that Judy Sgro is bringing 12 undeclared delegates from her Toronto riding who will all support Martha Hall Findlay.

That's just cool. I would vote for her on the first round if I could, just to make sure she doesn't come last on the first round. Actually, I hope she hangs in for a few. Good on ya, Martha!


Anonymous grace said...

You're in Montreal? Are you an observor or alternate?

If I didn't already throw my vote to Dion (I like keeping my word) I was seriously thinking of going for Dryden, Brison or Martha on the first ballot. I was close by when Sgro was doing her announcement and heard one of their people saying it before it went on air.

November 30, 2006  
Blogger Gavin said...

I am indeed in Mtl; I assume you are too? I'm here as part of the Laurier club. I figured it was the same $1000 either, way, and so that's that. I'm actually ready to put money on MHF not coming last, I've got my fingers crossed. Drop me an email and hopefully we can catch up at a hospitality suite!


November 30, 2006  

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