01 December 2006

Gerard Kennedy's Convention Speech

I freely admit my bias, but I know speeches, and of the top three Gerard's was unquestionably the best.

...His French was just fine, and he moved in and out of it freely.

...He spoke about the quiet noises, a recurring theme of his campaign, and one which to me speaks directly to the compassionate government that I believe in, and that I think Canadians believe in.

...He told the story of the hungry family to whom he brought food, and in whom he recognized the integral nobility of the human spirit. Not a story of handing out food, but rather of how we all want the same things at heart: a decent job, food on the table, a happy family, and a future where our children can hope for even more.

...that the word on the lips of Quebeckers last election was not "nation" but "integrity." They too want the same things as we all do; we should not fight separatists on their terms, but rather should fight for a better Canada, and watch as the separatist spirit withers.

...He said he wasn't going to spot Harper 80 seats west of Kenora. Damn right!

..the crowd, whose support was more frequent and more vocal. It has often been said that Gerard's delegates are the most loyal and most committed, and that showed.

Gerard Kennedy won this round, and I think he will win another tomorrow. Actually, I think we'll all win another one tomorrow.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It shows that you're from Toronto. Jean Lapierre, on Radio Canada, called his French barely comprehensible. And these are French segments he's practised for God knows how long. He looks very good in English, I admit, but he's definitely a next time man.

rouleaud, from Montreal

December 01, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kennedy was solid, he definitely moved ahead of Dion with that speech. Dion was, well, about what people expected.

The story coming off the floor is that Rae really screwed himself by not speaking French until the end. The Quebec delegates who aren't already behind Ignatieff are headed in that direction.

December 01, 2006  
Blogger Gavin Magrath said...

Anon 10:22 - so no one in Toronto speaks French? Go get bent, jerk, and take your own nation with you (howevr you define it) because mine doesn't include such ignorance.

December 01, 2006  

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