30 November 2006

Negative Campaigning

A poll released today by Maclean's compares the "negatives" of candidates: some positive and negative information on each was presented, and people were asked whether they were more or less likely to vote Liberal.

ALL the top four contenders had overall negatives (as in more people said they would be less likely than said they would be more likely to vote Liberal if that candidate was the leader). But Kennedy's negatives were the lowest (e.g. people are the least concerned about his potential weaknesses), less than a third of Iggy's and Rae's. I'm confident Iggy and Rae are leading on name recognition, not because they're the best candidates, and when people have a chance to learn more about the candidate (as they will after the leader is chosen) they will shy away from Iggy and Bob, and warm to Kennedy.

Think the next Federal campaign will be dirty and hard-fought? Best pick a leader whose weaknesses don't outweigh their strengths.


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