02 December 2006

2nd Round Results

Total votes: 4695
Ignatieff: 1481 (31.6%) +69 votes
Rae: 1132 (24.1%) +155 votes
Dion: 974 (20.8%) +118 votes
Kennedy: 884 (18.8%) +30 votes
Dryden: 219 (4.7%) -19 votes
Spoiled: 5

Dryden has freed his candidates and gone to Rae.

Rae posted the biggest gain, which is still completely inexplicable to me. The question of Iggy's growth potential remains, but he is not bleeding support as I had hoped. Dion widened the gap, which is what he needed to do. Unless Gerard can capture most of Dryden's supporters, he will be kingmaker as the media have told us, and not king (this time).


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