23 November 2006

NOBODY saw Quebecois coming??

The Hill Times reports today that "Nobody saw this coming." They are referring to Harper's announcement on recognizing the Quebecois nation. Now, of course by "this" they include the timing of the announcement, which certainly hadn't been foreshadowed.

But if they're talking about the content, then once again bloggers were way ahead of the curve. If you look down to Braeden's video, which I posted on November 8th (15 days ago, if you're counting, and I am) you will see the following comment by yours truly:
Braeden - great video. Aslo [sic] I agree - I think we should recognize "the Quebecois", which does not include everyone in the province of Quebec.

Now, I authored the comment but not the idea, so please, for posterity, help me find out who did! Current race leader: me, on November 8th 2006.


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