17 April 2009

Arrr! Pirates!!!

A court in Sweden has convicted 4 men to 1 year each in jail for running piratebay, which is like isohunt and probably everyone who reads this uses one or both of those sites, but that's neither here nor there.

The real question is, wtf is the state doing imprisoning people for infringing intellectual property rights? It's not theft, it's infringement. Big difference. Why should corporations enjoy the benefit of having the crown prosecute and imprison people for what is very clearly a private tort? It's not enough that they can sue these people into bankruptcy? I'm not even sure the state should have invented these rights in the first place, but to enforce them through executive action? Wow. Good thing money is more important than citizens.


Blogger Shawn said...

Better think about that, when OUR party wants these same crazy laws. Time to remind our leadership *WHOS* boss here!

April 18, 2009  

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