08 December 2008

I await the letter

Barely two days ago I proposed that one of the only viable solutions to our current stalemate the Liberal caucus arrive at a leadership consensus and install that person immediately.

Today, Domenic LeBlanc has shown excellent judgement, both in reading my blog and taking my advice. Bob's current efforts, while admirable, are damaging. It is sad when a good man has to admit that he has missed his chance, but this is that time. Bob Rae will never be Leader of the Liberal Party, nor PM of Canada, and unless he wants to take his former roomate and present Party with him, he should bow out gracefully and serve out his time in Cabinet before retiring to the senate or a plum ambassadorial position.

Also, of course, this REALLY puts the pressure on Steven Harper to garner actual agreement on his policies. With Dion at the helm, he still may have taken his chances on standing stubborn and hoping for an election call (rather than the appointment of the coalition). Now either result of a non-confidence vote will be very dangerous for him. I still doubt he can change his spots.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So, it's Bob's fault for wanting a democratic leadership process as opposed to the appointment of a leader by 76 (mostly) men?

Interesting logic. It would be fairer to place the blame on the people who brought on this mess: Michael Ignatieff, Steve McKinnon, Doug Ferguson, and the other morons who caused this nonsense.

December 08, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mark my words, the actions of Ignatieff, caucus and the National Executive are going to ruin the party, not Bob Rae. Up to now my preference has been for Ignatieff. With this stunt to undermine the grassroots I'm going to quit if it happens and I have lost faith in Ignatieff

December 08, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's not Bob's fault, actually he said that his actions were 'admirable'. But 'damaging' - as in, looking like a bunch of idiots who can't even choose their own leader (given more than two years to do it) how the hell can we run the country?

Also, the 76 "mostly" men are elected MPs, named delegates by their ridings, and the very same people whose confidence the PM, whoever he is, will have to command.

Finally, we are not the Reform party. We have a delegated convention anyway, that is hardly a grassroots system. It's also way too long and way too expensive for our current crisis.

Let's have less blame and more constructive suggestions, Hmmmm?

December 09, 2008  

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