27 May 2008

Adieu Maxime

How bad was he? Was it this or many things? She doesn't really look like a biker does she? These and so many inconsequential questions boggle the mind! Only a couple of things count about this whole affair:

Loyalty trumps duty
Bernier was defended in the House for ages, presumably because they didn't know what Ms. C would willingly have told them had they asked (I am not prepared to believe that they knew and are outright liars). Mr. Harper had a duty to Canada to make sure the relationship was irrelevant before telling Canadians it was. Caucus loyalty was more important.

The tank is empty

Barely into its third year the government will have it's third FA minister. All rookies. The first two not just rookies but completely lacking in the kind of background required for the job; the second (if not the first) also flatly out of his depth. The third, hopefully competent but unilingual and already serving in another portfolio. Is the fourth to come? Who could it be? A stark contrast to the Liberal caucus, which has at least five members with the skills and experience to fill the portfolio immediately.

Wheat Kings and Pretty Things
Is there anything else to interest non-tabloid readers? Yes! I love pretty things, and lately the totally boring Canadian scene seems to be full of'em. If it weren't for Mr. Harper himself (and the strange coincidence at the time of writing of Mr. Clark's portrait-hanging), I would start to think that our recent political theatre had not been elected but cast. Maybe I'm going to far in expanding the circle of lovely incompetence to Rona and Stockwell... but I don't think so. I'd trade the lot of them for Preston and Joe, and if you had told my younger self I would ever say anything like that I would have laughed in your face.


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