31 December 2008

Free the Blogfather

"Hossein Derakhshan, nicknamed the “Blogfather” for his role in pioneering a blogging revolution in Iran, last updated his blog in October and Canadian media reports, quoting a friend, said he was detained on Nov. 1 during a visit to Iran.

"Mr. Derakhshan, 33, was a journalist in Tehran before moving to Toronto in 2000. He made his name by publishing instructions on how to use blogging software to publish blogs in Farsi, sparking an explosion of blogging in the Iranian language.

"He visited Israel in 2006 and said at the time that this might mean he would not be able to go back to Iran "for a long time"

"Mr. Derakhshan's blog, “Editor: Myself“ (http://www.hoder.com/weblog/), which he launched in 2002, has not been updated since October."





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