06 December 2008

The next six weeks

Our government isn't working - literally has not been working since the summer. But we still pay them just the same, so how are we going to get them back to work? We will see one of three scenarios play out over the next six weeks:

The Road to Damascus: The government has not been working because Steven Harper did not want it to work, preferring to divide and conquer than to make friends of his own. So, he can simply decide to make it work by deciding to genuinely work with other members of parliament outside his own caucus to develop a budget that will be passed in January.

Yes! We Can! (play nicely with others) Odds: 15:1

The Cat with Nine Deaths: That's Chantal Hebert's phrase for Dion. Canadians don't want him as PM - heck, most Liberals didn't even want him as party leader, but he just won't go away. His web-cammed message to the nation was the perfect example of the reasons why. Surprisingly, he's not the problem: his replacement is the problem, or his lack of replacement. The PM has to enjoy the support of parliament. Let the Liberals (and NDP, even) find the person in whom they can place their confidence as PM, and not on an interim basis. One of the leaders must be picked, the others get out of the way. This cannot wait until May. Canada will be prepared to accept that person, who they didn't vote for, because it's someone they didn't vote against.

Yes! We Can! (put our house in order before asking to govern) Odds: 9:1

Status Quo: there are several other scenarios, each of which are even less likely than the above. The most likely outcome is that Steve does not learn how to play well with others and neither of the leadership contenders is willing to step down, and we are in the same place on 26 January as we are today. Some Canadians will plug their nose and go with the lesser of two evils, but most of us will be rightly offended by this level of incompetence. As a practical matter, voter disgust translates to better results for conservatives and better results for incumbents. As a philosophical matter, I can't believe this is the best these clowns can do.

Yes! We Can! (do way better) Odds: 3:2


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually, the tories have been working, the rest have been merely plotting. Expect that to continue for the foreseeable future.

December 06, 2008  
Blogger Gavin Magrath said...

I disagree anonymous - working would include getting a majority of representatives in parliament to agree to your legislation. He didn't get one in either of the elections, so he needs to work with the other parties. That's democracy.

December 06, 2008  

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