11 March 2008

Bill C-484, or why politics makes me sad

So I just joined this Facebook group to oppose Bill C-484, which has passed first reading (and I note happily with rare dissent in the blue ranks).

As I noted on joining the FB group, I find this whole situation pretty sad. Clearly, what Epp is saying is that it's bad to hurt pregnant women, and somehow worse because their status as pregnant women means the perpetrator ought to have known that he was hurting a pregnant woman and also her (more fragile) unborn child. And who could disagree?

Certainly not I.

Unless perhaps I turn my mind to what this might mean to other (less chivalrous? less chauvinist?) people who might bend such obviously well meant sentiment to nefarious purposes.*

*many different perspectives on nefarious are circulating:

Creating new rights for the unborn?
Absolutely wrong
Absolutely right
Amen Brothers and Sisters!
Can you be "busted" if you come clean?
The Stop 484 petition


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