09 November 2006

Ignatieff on the Constitution

"Creating the conditions to embark on another round of constitutional reform will no doubt take time. When the good faith is there, when the common understanding is there, when the political will is there, we must bring this unfinished business to a successful conclusion."

No nuancing or interpretation required. The Constitution is "unfinished business" and constitutional change to recognize the unique status of Quebec is simply a matter of creating winning conditions. Sort of like the ones for winning a sovereignty referendum, but softer.

So, Iggy supporters - is it that all the candidates agree? That Iggy is not committed to action? Don't believe those things. If you want to believe them, it's only because you are mistrustful of your own candidate's position. Stop with the cognitive dissonance and just find another candidate.

Also check out these embarrassing comments by William Hogg, the resolution's author.


Blogger CuriosityCat said...

A pity that Professor Hogg does not understand that his advocacy of the word "nation" is also a major problem. It is an extraordinarily vague word for a Professor of politics and constitutional law to use. Nobody really knows what it means or what powers it gives the recipient. And nobody really knows if other groups or provinces are also "nations".

This ill-conceived, amateurishly drafted and extremely dangerous motion should be withdrawn before hte convention, or defeated.

Liberals should not let woolliness be their constitutional guide.

Maybe the two professors (Hogg and Ignatieff) can get together to trade lessons learned about the real world of politics ...

November 09, 2006  

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