20 November 2006

No Oktoberfest for Rumsfeld

According to TIME magazine, our friend Don is debating whether to attend a conference in Germany because a human rights group is seeking a war crimes prosecution against him there. Germany has a universal jurisdiction clause for war crimes, which allows its courts to take jurisdiction even when the alleged events took place outside of Germany's borders. Papers were filed with a prosecutor last year, who declined to take jurisdiction because:

1) Mr. Rumsfeld was in office an may have enjoyed immunity; and
2) The US Government was investigating.

The papers have been re-filed since Rummy is now out of office and the US investigation found - surprise! - no responsibility on the part of senior officers, thus establishinghte required unwillingness or inability of the home state to live up to its legal responsibilities. Just a few bad apples at the bottom, nothing to see here.

Obviously, the Germans are jealous of America's freedom; they hate America's democracy and christianity and wealth, and everything America stands for. They will not sleep until they have carried out another arrest on America. Let us all pray the Democrats can get the army out of Iraq quickly, so that it can be redeployed against the krauts, as it should be. Plus WW2 was the last war that America had any pride in, and coincidentally the last one it won, so everyone from the White House on down should be eager for a sequel.


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