11 November 2006


Probably not many of you will have a father and an uncle who fought in World War 2, as I do, both of whom are very much alive. So if you don't have anyone personal to remember and thank, maybe thank everyone instead:

66,655 Canadian soldiers killed, 172,950 wounded
5,565,146 Allied soldiers killed
15,596,071 total dead

World War II:
45,300 Canadian soldiers killed
24,456,700 military deaths
32,326,700 civilian deaths

Also as most readers will already know there is are three veterans of the Great War yet with us: Lloyd Clemett (106 years of age), John Babcock (also 106 years of age) and Percy Wilson (105 years of age). Please sign this petition to give the last surviving veteran a state funeral. It seems a small token to me.


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