05 April 2007

Rachel Décoste for Ottawa-Orleans

My friend Rachel Décoste is running for the federal Liberal nomination in Ottawa-Orleans, and I need to take a moment to commend her to all of you because I live in Toronto and I can't vote for her myself.

I actually met Rachel through her blog, which I found to be refreshing: honest, often funny, often biting, completely betraying both her good nature and sharp mind. The real life Rachel was even better. She's a strong and beautiful woman; she's fluently bilingual (actually trilingual, but who's counting?) who is persuasive in both official languages; and she has a personal charisma that is unmistakable. She is also a woman of principle, and has dedicated her volunteer activities to helping those least fortunate - the poor, seniors, and children.

I know Rachel will be a strong advocate for the people of Ottawa and, more importantly, for social justice for all Canadians. To visit Rachel's website and find out more about how you can get involved, click here.


Blogger Freddie Sirmans said...

Just browsing the internet, you have a beautiful and very interesting blog.

June 21, 2007  
Blogger Gavin Magrath said...

Wow, interesting I've heard... but beautiful? Thanks!


June 22, 2007  

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