09 January 2007

Khan be Gone

There has been some speculation in these parts as to why exactly our friend Wajid Khan defected (apart from the obvious answer of pure self-interest). Now we know the answer.

As a Liberal, Mr. Khan would have been obligated to make his findings known to the Liberal Party. When he accepted his position in the summer, he told the Globe that:

"I want to make sure that the Prime Minister gets it and all parliamentarians get it, because my work is not limited only for the Prime Minister. I'll be talking to Bill Graham. The critics will have information."

Now he's a Conservative, and the report is being kept under wraps. Seems that Bill Graham, M. Dion, and others were right when they were concerned about the potential for a conflict. Turns out that Mr. Khan places a higher value on his new working relationship with the PM than on his constituents, parliament, his former party, or his promises from 5 short months ago.

Mr. Harper's plan to ensure every single piece of government information, communication, or action runs directly through his office has had another successful skirmish. Long live the King!


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