02 December 2006

Ignatieff - Gracious Speech

If he had shown such aplomb during the race he might not have had to give the speech. But he kept his good British stiff upper lip in place while waiting for the results, and he renewed his call-and-answer "tous ensemble," which I hope he really believes and which I hope will be guiding us forward. It is very difficult to be so gracious in defeat, and Michael has shown great character in his performance.


Anonymous Johnny said...

Heya Gavin,

This is Johnny (formerly of the UNB Debating Union). I was quite surprised to randomly stumble upon your blog! Hope you're having fun in Montreal. I truly regret not running for a delegate spot and being there after watching the proceedings all day from my couch. Such an exciting day!

I must admit that I supported Dion, but I was mighty impressed with Kennedy, and I hope that Dion treats him very well with a high profile portfolio so Gerard can make a good name for himself. I definitely see Kennedy as the next leader of the Liberal Party. You can be sure that in 7 or 8 years when that convention comes around that I'll be out on the floor with you, cheering for Gerard!

Hope things are going great for you in Toronto!

December 02, 2006  
Blogger Gavin said...

Hey there Johnny,

I think a lot of people are now seeing Kennedy as the next leader of the Liberal party. Hopefully that won't happen too soon though - the convention was a lot of fun but more than a little tiring!

December 03, 2006  

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