14 September 2006

When you're Canadian, you're always pine fresh.

So said Stephen Colbert, in a conversation with Ken Jennings on the subject of Alex Trebek.

Yes Stephen - never Steve! - pine fresh, with maple syrup... and even a hint of beaver...?


Blogger Grace said...

Man alive. Has your phone been ringing off the hook? Mine has and I'm not even a delegate yet, people just assume I am. So far a few calls from Michael Ignatieff's campaign (I get the feeling you don't like him), Ken Dryden, Stephane Dion. Nothing from the Kennedy campaign so I'm interested in knowing why you support him.

September 14, 2006  
Blogger Gavin Neil said...

Not off the hook, although that's perhaps because I use a cell phone. I did get a call from Ken Dryden last night.

My support for GK has nothing to do with whether or not he calls. You're right that I don't like Iggy - I think he's too new, too academic, too American, too divisive, too ruthless, and in general personifies much of what I dislike about the aristocratic class.

I think Gerard Kennedy will make a great leader for many of the opposite reasons. He grew up in the west, which is a big advantage in this environment; he has genuine social progressive credentials (DBFB), and I think he really cares about people in general rather than establishing his own power or career.

He was respected and effective as minister of education in Ontario, and I think he has proposed substantive policy that I agree with in terms of Afghanistan, re-opening the constitution, and setting a real direction in terms of education and training (from pre-school to adult re-training and immigrant support).

No doubt I'll write more about these individual subjects in later posts.

PS by saying not a delegate 'yet' I assume you are hoping to run?

September 14, 2006  
Blogger Grace said...

I was told by one of the people from my ridings' office they're hoping to get me elected. I was actually 'recruited' for lack of a better word to sit on my riding's executive. I don't think me getting delegate status will be a problem. I just have to remember to fill out the application.

You going to be there?

I use a cellphone too. It's what they've been calling. I now know that anything from "416" is about the upcoming convention.

Interesting thoughts on Kennedy. I am keeping an open mind on everything except Afghanistan. I've decided that any leader hopefull that supports this position in my book will not get my vote. Should I have a vote.

My email is available on my profile if you ever want to drop me a link.

September 14, 2006  

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