04 October 2006

Dalton McGuinty Don't Be an Idiot!

Dalton is ticked at Harper for imposing emissions standards because he thinks it will hurt Ontario's auto industry. Wake up, Dalton!

Now, I happen to believe that safeguarding our lungs and planet is an important objective and we should be prepared to swallow some bitter pills in achieving it, but that's not why this position is stupid.

See, more and more people and countries are increasingly concerned about these problems. So, more and more people will need green(er) solutions to their problems. The choice is not about curbing or not curbing emissions; the choice is one for our government and industry to make co-operatively and intelligently and it looks more like this:

1) Embrace change, lead change, and set our industry on firm footing to be a global leader in the provision of these greener solutions to Canadians and the world.

2) Resist change, and in five or ten years discover ourselves to be laggards in the growth industies and dinosaur champions of the old industries, while wondering why there's a yellow haze over Toronto from May to September.

It's not so tough a choice (unless you're the tobacco industry and have no other oprions but to spend your blood money in a incredibly protected but still lucrative rear-guard action). When you figure it out, forward this post to the recording industry, and tell them to pass it on.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't think it's just the auto industry factor. Ambrose is hitting Ontario mostly and said she doesn't care about Quebec - but really, the worst contributors to our problem is the oil industry and nadda being done there.

How about an "all-rounded" package. Oh, I forgot, the neo-cons don't believe in climate change.

Yes, reduce the omissions, but please be more responsible and go at all the contributors.

October 04, 2006  
Anonymous evans said...

Instead of the lefties praising this important first step to reduce emmissions,they complain,wheres kyoto lets raise the gases another 25%.CLOWNS

October 04, 2006  
Blogger Gavin Neil said...

Evans - how do you wind up reading my blog? I always use big words and complicate sentences specifically so that people, like yourself, who like to reduce the world to simple 'us and them' or 'left and right' won't hang out here.

Also, since you are obviously to thick to realize it, I am one of THOSE lefties, and there are plenty like me who do see this as a positive (but small) step.

Your reference to Kyoto is so out there that I won't bother to respond, except to point out that YOU conservatives have now admitted you will not be implementing a plan for the environment, just taking an 'approach'.

October 04, 2006  
Blogger Gavin Neil said...

Anon - good point, and not surprising. Harper's government has rarely shown itself to be one of principle, laregly one of political opportunism. That having been said, I take as sound principle that one should never sacrifice the good for the perfect. Vehicle emissions are one component of the problem, and it's sad that the government doesn't have the will to implement other more important changes, but we should still get behind this one. If more people in industry recognized that facing these changes head on could be highly profitable, I thnk they could work with government to do some great things instead of just bickering back and forth.

October 04, 2006  

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