15 October 2006

Best of the Debate

It was an exciting debate. I think Martha Hall Findlay came off like a real champion. Stephane Dion got in more great digs than anyone - and I understood every one. Gerard spoke with passion and (like Dion) had some real content in his comments and not just soundbites. For more, go see Jason, he kept up an excellent report. So now, the best of the debate:

-Martha Hall Findlay, leading by example.

"I'm proud to be a Liberal, and for me it didn't take a leadership race to say so."
-Stephane Dion, calling it like it is.

"I wasn't part of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra. I was part of 'mixed company', a group of street youth finding a way to express themselves..."
Gerard Kennedy to Bob Rae, on their differing experience in cultural organizations.

"I'll be damned if in 2006 the Liberal Party will have a convention without a single, strong female voice..."
Martha Hall Findlay, on being Martha Hall Findlay

"I've heard my colleagues talk about a great vision of Canada - some of them as though they'd just discovered it."
-Joe Volpe

"I played hockey too."
-Scott Brison

"Question simple"
-Martha Hall Findlay, on foreign policy in the middle east.

"I was a Liberal on this before you were a Liberal on this."
-Scott Brison to Joe Volpe on same sex marriage

"We have to choose our words carefully when it comes to foreign policy."
"That's all well and good, but we also have to know where we stand."
"I didn't change my position on that three times last week."
-Exchange between Bob Rae and Michael Ignatieff

"If you want to know what Stephen Harper thinks about the environment this week, find out what George Bush said about the environment last week."
-Scott Brison

"This was a random question."
-The moderator, after audience response to the same-sex marriage question.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

After watching open-mouthed as the rest of these flapdoodles are soliciting the dead, gibbering on about non-existent war crimes, or running around naked in public...

I'm tellin' ya, if I was a Fiberal, Martha's starting to look pretty damn beatific.

October 16, 2006  
Blogger Jason Bo Green said...

What did "Question simple" mean? I don't get it.

I think Martha is fantastic, I really like her and am really annoyed at the poor showing the Liberals have given her.

I think Dryden and Brison and, yes, Volpe should all be doing a bit better than they are - but Martha should be doing VASTLY better.

I think I'll ramble on about that a bit tomorrow.

I think I can do four whole sentence paragraphs in a row that start with, "I think"...

Great re-cap of the best parts Gavin - you just saved me a whole two hours.

October 16, 2006  
Blogger Jason Bo Green said...

PS - I too understand Dion. What's the big deal??

October 16, 2006  
Blogger Gavin Neil said...

JBG - Martha was answering in French. It means "Simple Question". It's pretty funny when you reflect that the moderator had pretty much asked her to lay out a solution to the middle east crisis in 75 seconds or less. It got a good reaction but I guess you had to be there.


October 16, 2006  

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