26 February 2010

Goldman Strikes Again!

Well this is probably bad press that couldn't come at a worse time for our friends at GS... ah, who are we kidding, they're doing fine. And man, but these guys are savvy! Take their "assistance" to the Greek government, the full genius of which we mortals are only just beginning to comprehend:

First, hide, rather than fix, increasing symptoms of economic distress. Then create a derivative to bet that your cover-up fails and the economy is exposed and crashes. Place those bets yourself. Watch as your cover-up fails and the economy is exposed. Laugh out loud as required funds and credit are witheld by bankers who placed bets (through your derivative product) on the economy failing, thereby increasing the chance that it will in fact fail and their (and your) bets will pay off. 

Profit on advice, product, and bet! It's a no lose... unless the welfare of millions of Greeks counts, but that ain't on MY balance sheet, and it ain't on Goldman's sheet either. Guys, we don't hate you out of envy. We hate you because you are a bunch of lying evil bastards who belong in jail.


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