05 September 2006

A first note

This is the part where I explain why I decided to start this blog, and warn you about some of my biases. If you don't care about the first and already know about the second, then I wouldn't worry about it.

About two weeks ago I started reviewing and reporting on blog commentary for Gerard Kennedy's Liberal leadership campaign. This is not because I have any particularly suitable skill set, but just because it's not that great a job so they'll take whoever they can get. There's a sizeable community of consistent bloggers, so I miss a bunch but hopefully get at least enough to know which way the wind is blowing. The reason it's not that great a job is not that it's uninteresting, but more that there is a real question as to whether what happens in the blogosphere actually counts for anything.

It seems that I should not venture too much of an opinion on that subject until I have tested the waters, even if only by dropping a few pebbles in. So, the first two biases are already on the table: I have an interest in seeing what ripples these pebbles generate, and I have an interest in Gerard Kennedy's bid for the Liberal leadership. Hopefully, having been honest about both, I can avoid being too egocentric about the first and too partisan about the second. I'll try to be even-handed, but please remember that I picked Gerard Kennedy's campaign for what seemed at the time to be good reasons, so if my comments are positive it may only reflect that those reasons are being confirmed. Time will tell.

As for the title (if it's still the same) it's a reference to a text written by Professor Hugh Kindred of Dalhousie Law School. It was (and presumably still is) called "International Law - chiefly as interpreted and applied in Canada" I thought it was pretty cool to admit up front that it's not really an international law text for eveyone, internationally - we're concerned about how we define, interpret, and apply "International Law", and how our partners do, and how we should modify those positions. So this will be about politics generally, and not only Gerard Kennedy's campaign. The leadership race is one of the interesting things that's happening in politics the here and now. And this blog will be about politics, chiefly as seen from right here, right now.


Blogger Dan McKenzie said...

Hey Gavin could you send me an e-mail. I didn't see your e-mail address anywhere.

September 06, 2006  

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